Divine Harmony Essences


How to use the Divine Harmony Essences

Choosing the right Combination for you

Start with the combination that will help you to bring balance to the issue that feels the most difficult or the most important. As the old energies surrounding that particular issue are gently released and rebalanced the next layer that needs to be worked with will present itself.

How To Use the Divine Harmony Essences

Take four drops on the tongue directly from the bottle between two & four times a day. Finish the whole bottle then re-check to see if more of that particular combination or another is needed.

We do not recommend taking more than one combination at a time. Preferably take 10 minutes away from food and drink. These are all stock level combinations. To gain maximum benefit from your combination we recommend that you take it without further dilution.

Storage Advice - It is best to store vibrational medicine in a cool place away from TV’s, microwaves, computers etc.


Please Note - These statements have not been reviewed or approved by  the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease condition.  If you are suffering any disease or medical conditions, please consult with your health care professional.  These essences contain alcohol so individuals who are unable to use alcohol-containing products should avoid them.  Keep out of reach of children.